The in-company workshops are offered in the following areas. The duration varies from one day to three days.  For detailed course outline and commercial proposals, please contact us.
General Management
GM1    Building Corporate Strategy
GM2    Making Business Plan
GM3    Leadership
GM4    Risk Management

F-1    Finance for Non-Finance Executives
F-2    Credit Control Management/
          Collection of Outstandings
F-3    Working Capital Management

Sales/Marketing & Customer
S-1    Effective Sales Management
S-2    Key Account Management
S-3    Customer Service Excellence-
          How to Win & Retain Customers
S-4    After Sales Service
S-5    Writing Winning Sales Proposals
S-6    Building Brands
S-7    Handling Customer Complaints

Human Resource Management
HR-1    Performance Management
HR-2    Enhancing Managerial
HR-3    Team Building & Comflict
HR-4    Become A Complete
HR-5    Become A Complete Professional -
             (For Secretaries & PAs)
HR-6    Train The Trainer

CT-1    GST
CT-2    Commercial Accumen for

Soft Skills
SS-1    Effective Negotiations
SS-2    International Negotiations
SS-3    Presentation Skills
SS-4    Business Etiquette &
            Personal Grooming
SS-5    Business Communications
SS-6    Stress Management/
SS-7    Time Management
SS-8    Writing Skills for business

Import/Export Foreign Trade
IE-1    Import Documentation & Procedures
IE-2    Export Documentation & Procedures
IE-3    Import of Capital Goods
IE-4    Export Incentives
IE-5    Imports Under FTA/PTA
IE-6    Customs Valuation
IE-7    Customs Law & Procedures
IE-8    Letters of Credit & UCP 600
IE-9    INCO Terms 2010

OM-1    Purchasing & Materials
OM-2    Supply Chain Management
OM-3    Effective Storekeeping/
              Warehousing & Inventory Control
OM-4    Vendor/Supplier Management
OM-5    Logistics Management
OM-6    Cost Reduction & Profit

In-Company Seminars/Webinars
Who can benefit: CXOs, VPs, Managers, Executives, Professionals, Business Owners/Entreprenuers